Drug Uses & More Erectalis is generic Cialis. With the same active ingredient as Cialis, Erectalis is a lot cheaper and also has lesser side effects. Usage Information for Erectalis Ask your doctor for detailed instructions on using Erectalis. On the other hand, you can always refer the patient information booklet which contains professional instructions regarding medication usage. Erectalis is absorbed into the body depending on ones health. So, the time often differs in different people. Under normal circumstances, it is most effective when taken around 15 to 30 minutes before you plan to commence sexual activity. The medication is available in 2 different dosage strengths. Erectalis will be in the body for up to 4 hours. Dosage Missed? Important Information Erectalis is taken only as and when required. It is not to be used every day as a regular therapy. So, the problem of a missed dose does not arise. If you accidentally missed to take the medication prior to having sex, then you can take it as soon as you remember it. But then you will have to wait for the stipulated amount of time for Erectalis to be absorbed by the body and start to take effect. Storing Erectalis We recommend storing your medications at room temperature in its original container. Keep it away from excessive heat, moisture or light. Protect it from kids and pets. I think that I overdosed. What should I do? Seek emergency medical care if you suspect an overdose. Contact the nearest poison control center immediately. Some of the possible symptoms are.


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